domenica 19 settembre 2010

Waiting For Sunset.

In The Pic:
 Hat: Milk Motion (50L Friday)
Hair: Dernier Cri (Hair Fair)
Dress: Mocha (Project Themeory)
Necklace: Happy Finds (Project Themeory)
Belt: *COCO*
Socks: Pig - Ambrosia Rosepetal (Under)
Socks: Pig - Knee Sock Mit Suspenders (Above)
Bag: SAIKIN - Straw Bag
Shoes: J's Western Boots (uhmm from a hunt T-T )


Oh..and before i forget check this...
I'm sure you'll enjoy looking at her tutorials just like i do.
(song of the video: Beautiful - Late Night Alumni <3)

hOShi <3

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